Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#ChurchSelfie #Selfie #NoPhonesDuringWorship My FIRST ever SELFIE in Church.... in Edinburgh at a Youth Empowerment Weekend (last month) whilst Elder @ruzivochigwende was conducting a Workshop on the effects of social media (positive and negative) on the Christian person. 😐Lately, slowly but surely... the Holy Spirit has been convicting me on the use of my phone in Church! I have great Bible Apps on my phone and great Study Tools but I have increasingly been made aware of the distractions that smartphones can offer. The temptations of checking or attending to notifications from Facebook, Whats App, Twitter, Instagram and Text Messages are extreme HIGH! 😦It seems we should be able to FOCUS entirely on worship and Church proceedings as an act of reverence to God. This is however my own personal conviction because some are quite disciplined and able to resist diversions, and that’s amazing! 😟Are YOU able to resist the temptation to attend to “other” business on your phone during Church? If yes, that’s awesome! However, the willpower of others around you might not be so strong. Why risk luring others into the land of distraction when you’re both about worshiping God and building each other up? SELAH! #Selah #WeSeeYouOnlineDuringChurch! #photobomb by joekatsande

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